TRIPSTER was founded in 2004 by Masato Ogasawara, Kunichi Nomura and Wataru Yamada, who had operated a seaside house SPUTNIK in the west coast of Tsujido, Kanagawa since 1999. Aya Nagata has also joined TRIPSTER now, and they organize a task team for each project, engaging in diverse store design and construction direction both at home and abroad.

  • Oryza

    Oryza creates new connections among people, buildings and the city with plants. Some of our projects include planting plans at commercial facilities, outdoor facility plans of offices, indoor greenery plans at shops, furniture plans at apartments, show window displays or gardening at private houses. Through interactions with clients, we aim to take what should be there in a very real sense out of the background of the location.

  • 大橋 直誉

    Naotaka Ohashi worked at the Michelin 3-star restaurant Quintessence in Tokyo’s Shirokanedai, and when it relocated, he started TIRPSE at the original location, which was the fastest restaurant to receive a Michelin star in the world. Now he engages in consultation for restaurant operations, event direction and co-creation with food creators.

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