Notice Regarding Measures
to Prevent the Spread
of COVID-19 Infection

  • • To All Customers
    • Body temperature checks and completing a Health Condition Questionnaire is required upon arrival
    • Kindly refrain from visiting the hotel if you have cold or flu symptoms (such as a cough, fever, or sore throat)
    • Wearing a surgical mask and sanitizing your hands is required when entering the hotel
    • We may refuse to keep your belongings at the cloak check
    • Table settings will be made upon order at restaurants
    • Social distance measures between staff and customers when serving will be taken
    • Sanitized trays when handling cash will be utilized
  • • Hotel Staff
    • Daily temperature and health check sheets are required
    • Staff with signs of fever or poor physical condition will be prohibited from working
    • Staff health will be constantly monitored
    • Minimum staffing
    • Sanitation and limitation of entrance areas when coming to work
    • Mandatory use of surgical masks and sanitizing gloves for cooks
    • Capacity limitations of staff rooms to avoid crowdedness
    • Cleaning of uniforms after each use
    • Frequent sanitation, the wearing of special surgical masks and capacity limitation at kitchen spaces
  • • To Our Clients and Vendors
    • Body temperature checks and completing a Health Condition Questionnaire are required upon arrival
    • The wearing of surgical masks and hand sanitation are required when entering the hotel
    • Limitation of delivery places will be designated
    • Monitoring health conditions using our staff's health check sheet for two weeks prior to visiting the hotel for contraction
  • • Safety Measures to Prevent Infection and Our Hygiene Control
    • We encourage use of hand sanitizers placed at various points inside the hotel
    • Cleaning and sanitation of our facility, furniture, equipment and areas touched frequently every 30 mins
    • Constant air ventilation by opening windows and doors
    • Secure disposing of waste
    • Sterilization and disinfection of cloths and towels used for cleaning
  • *Please note that the following may be subject to change in accordance with the situation.
  • *Please refer this page for the latest updates.




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