• Pen,
    Desk mat,
    Rounded fan

    Focusing on not only the appearance but also the background and process of manufacturing, we strive to keep a good balance of mode and craft. Materials are passed from hand to hand and become products, which in turn is personalized for the customer through use. We design not only products themselves, but also their process and development.

    — Hender Scheme

  • Robe, Slippers

    FIBER ART STUDIO is a brand for home-use fabric products like towels, rugs and curtains.It only uses domestic materials, select the finest threads to effectively convey messages from the producers and deliver quality everyday life to users. Simplicity emphasizes the finest fabric quality— perennial products to ensure comfortable life for years to come.


  • Towel

    Manufactured at one of the few certified organic fabric factories in Japan, the towel is made from eco-friendly, comfortable quality organic cotton. High-quality, made-in-Japan, traceable products are available in the guest room.

    — Heart

  • Pajamas

    Suteteco.com was established in 2008 as the world's first Steteco laboratory. Hoping that their customers can enjoy comfortable lifestyles, they propose new types of roomware based on Japanese traditional craftsmanship and cozy natural materials.

    — Suteteco.com

  • Japanese

    Ryoten is a new type of Japanese umbrella produced by an old-established Japanese umbrella producer Hiyoshiya. The custom-sized and uniquely designed umbrellas perfectly match the tasteful streets of Kagurazaka. Their ecological and stylish umbrellas have been innovated in accordance with the times while inheriting the original tradition.

    — Hiyoshiya

  • Hair & Skincare

    The eco-friendly, safe, easy-to-use bath items, made from domestic organic herbs cultivated at JAS-certified organic farms in Mishima, Shizuoka, are of finest quality (natural ingredients: 95+ %, organic ingredients: 10+ %) with a refreshing lemongrass aroma.

    — Caring Japan

  • Toothbrush

    For more than 100 years, Okamura has been making oral care products with expertise and experience. We make and offer original toothbrushes with a bamboo grip in collaboration with this leading oral care manufacturer both in Japan and abroad.


  • Hair Comb,

    Officine Universelli Buly, a long-established manufacturer of cosmetic & personal care products in Paris, features carefully selected natural ingredients from around the world.Its unique package design reminds guests of nineteenth-century Paris. Its special toothpaste is traditionally made without any impurities.

    — Officine Universelli Buly

  • Sandals

    JOJO is a new zori-type sandal produced by Naito, a more than 100-year-old footwear manufacturer in Gion, Kyoto. The Japanese traditional craftsmanship together with the latest technology creates these modern, functional and comfortable zori-based sandals. All navy and stylish sandals comes with an original name.

    — JOJO

  • Juice

    With a careful selection of the origin of materials and manufacturing methods, alain milliat's juice and nectar have been developed through discussions with sommeliers. We have selected four drinks: red & white grape juices using early picked Merlot from Gaillac, France, a well-rounded & balanced apple juice, and nectar made from Colombian mangoes.

    — alain milliat

  • Sweets

    HIGASHIYA produces daily Japanese desserts with a hope to make Japan's world-class culture of sweets more familiar and fit to our contemporary life and to produce everyday sweets that still convey the keen sense of the four seasons. We have selected three kinds of bean confectionery and bean-jam wafers (monaka) from their products.


  • Complementary

    Your Private Chef prepares special Japanse desserts, Wagashi just for the guest, which are customized in accordance with the preference, weather or ambience of the day to make you feel the sense of the seasons in Japan.

    — TRUNK(HOUSE)Original

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