The One and Only Space

The One and Only Space

The seventy-year-old house, even its nameboard, preserves the original appearance to match the surrounding streets and buildings of Kagurazaka.

We consider this antiquity to be a positive aspect of Tokyo and change it into a contemporary statement. With rather chaotic streets coupled with old Japanese-style houses and new multipurpose buildings stand in a row on intricate streets, Tokyo takes in both the old and the new, creating and mingling genre-straddling cultures.

We work with partners who knows Tokyo well and want to make this city a more fun place to create original, well-grounded design that should be beyond our guests’ imagination. If you take a step inside, however, you will find a room inspired by a disco ball center and a kitchen dining where your private chef serves exquisite meals.

The space is full of Tokyo-ish and playful elements, including a splendid view from bay windows, a tatami tea room with an open hearth, a cypress bath with a painting created by an ukiyo-e artist.




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